ITTM chat network

I Talk To Machines is an IRC chat network officially launched Oct 31 2019

SSL Port: 6697 (recommended)
Plaintext Port: 6667 (we strongly recommend SSL!)

This chat network was initially created for a private minecraft server that had been around since early 2017, but as the community and demand grew; we decided to open it up to the public.

So we rebuilt everything from the ground up, using the latest stable builds of both UnrealIRCd and Atheme IRC Services in a multi-homed network spanning across not just regions but hosting providers as well.

We also have plans on being SSL ONLY by 2020 so port 6667 is being phased out. All modern IRC clients both support and bundle the abilities to connect using SSL so why wouldn't you use it?

If you are trying to connect to a server in your region, we are currently US based only.

Western US members can join

Currently off to save costs as the need/demand has dropped.
Eastern US members can join