We're hosting a modded, 4x Low Pop high stack RUST Public Server!
Wiped: March 7th
Next Wipe: March 14th
BeenCanIO Map

Live Map here: http://rust.italktomachines.com:28356

To get started, search under modded servers for "ITTM" that's it!

I wanted this to be newcomer friendly as I too just picked up this game and wanted a place where like minded folk can enjoy at their own pace. However I didn't want to nerf the experiance too much, so AI is still active and angry, night time still happens (just not as often nor as long) as do helis and airdrops. But I wanted to lower the need to farm all the time, and to "help keep the light's on" for those dark nights.

Some of the mods in use:

Plus stick around and you can gain permissions for other cool things like being able to craft Your Own Recycler!!!